Hidden Systems

"In Hidden systems, writer and cartoonist Dan Nott sheds light on three critical systems we so take for granted we barely see them even though they are all around us and often in plain sight.

He skillfully weaves together history, science, technology and ecology to build pictures of the internet, the evolution of electricity and the crucial infrastructure developed to bring us water.

In revealing the impact of these systems on humans and vice versa, he reminds us of the pleasures of paying attention to both miraculous and mundane aspects of the world around us as well the consequences of not doing so.

This is a compelling and thoroughly entertaining display of intellect and empathy brilliantly communicated through page after page of masterfully designed and drawn cartoon panels. Every panel, simple or complex, deserves a closer look and as in all the best graphic literary work, each word is carefully chosen and each phrase precisely placed to lead us on a thoroughly rewarding journey."

David Macaulay, The Way Things Work

Hidden Systems — Dan Nott — Random House Graphic

On Sale 3/14/23

(c) 2023 Dan Nott